General Questions

Where can I find Sugardale products in my area?

Check out our product locator at

How do you read the sell by date on the product package?

The date on the package is illegible; can you tell date from UPC code?

Unfortunately, the UPC code won’t provide us with enough information to determine the Best if Used By date. If you’re able to photograph the information or read the LOT number or letter, that will help us determine a more accurate date.

How long past the best if used by date is the product still good?

If there’s a Sell by date on the ham it may be used seven days past. If the product has a Best if Used By date, it won’t be safe to eat after that date. However, products may be frozen prior to the Best if Used By date.

Can I eat a Sugardale product past the best if used by date?

We can’t recommend consuming any Sugardale meats after the Best if Used By date, unless you’ve frozen the product prior to the Best if Used By date.

How long is the product good once the package is opened?

We follow the USDA website guidelines for refrigerated foods. Their helpful chart for all meats can be found here.

My Sugardale product has been in the refrigerator for a week/month/longer. Is it still good?

If the Sugardale product is in its sealed, original packaging and the Best if Used By date has not passed, it should still be good. Enjoy!

I left my bacon/ham/hot dogs out at room temperature overnight– is it still okay to use?

We cannot recommend eating products that have been stored outside of refrigeration for any length of time.

How long is the product in the freezer good for?

Food stored constantly at 0°F will always be safe. Only the quality suffers with lengthy freezer storage.

Can I freeze leftovers after they’ve been cooked?

We don’t recommend freezing leftovers.

Do you give tours?

While we love interacting with our customers, in order to maintain the highest level of food safety, we don’t provide tours of our facilities.

Are you an American company?

Yep! Sugardale is proud to be an American company headquartered in Massillon, Ohio, since 1920. Learn more about our story here.

Where are your products made?

All products are processed at our facilities in Ohio.

Are Sugardale products gluten free?

Indeed! All Sugardale products are gluten free – even our hams with glaze packets!

Do you make natural and/or uncured meats?

What does uncured mean?

Uncured products are nitrate and nitrite free, except for those that naturally occur in celery powder and sea salt. Our uncured products do not contain preservatives.

How do I heat my ham?

Sugardale hams are fully cooked. All you need to do is heat your ham, and it’s ready to eat. Check out our handy ham preparation guide for instructions for your specific ham.

Do Sugardale products contain any allergens?

All Sugardale products are gluten free and free of the Big-9 allergenic foods, including Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soy and Sesame.